Workshop on Supply Chain Transparency Challenge

The one-day workshop is hosted at Protea Hotel on March 26, 2014 as another effort to raise the awareness of business operators in Nigeria to the global attention to business supply chains in the fight against corruption. This is an activity within the anti-corruption principles promoted under the Siemens Integrity Initiative (SII). Specifically, it will be used to: 1. Train business participants on how to develop Supply Chain Road Map 2. Share with experiences of multinational firms in their Supply Chain Transparency Programme. The Topics include 1. Issues in Supply Chain Transparency: global and local trends. 2. Critical Elements in Supply Chain Sustainability Management 3. De-risking the Supply Chain: A Roadmap 4. Managing the Supply chain in the future through Sustainability reporting 5. Supply Chain transparency and future of business Participants to the workshop are drawn from companies participating in the UNGC Local Network Nigeria and their supply chain firms, other companies and SMEs as well as members of the press
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