Fellow Nigerians

It is with deep sadness that we reflect on the gory events of the last few days across our dear country – from the Lekki Tollgate to Gudu, Abuja, and other parts of the nation.

]The sheer weight of the multiple reports of deaths, severe injuries and destruction of business enterprises; of the trauma suffered by witnesses and residents of these areas – and the deafening silence of the Nigerian leadership, cannot be fully expressed.

We deeply and sincerely commiserate with all who have been victims of these tragedies, or who have suffered any form of loss or damage. Our hearts and thoughts are with you at this very moment, and we pray for the inner strength and solace to endure, and heal.

To all who still seek for a better day: this is not the end.

A new Nigeria will emerge from the doldrums – in which the people are heard, the truth prevails, and justice is served justly.

The labour of our all heroes today, will not be in vain.

Keep the peace. Keep the faith. Keep the hope alive.

God bless Nigeria.

From The Global Compact Network Nigeria

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