The In-Conversation Series: In Partnership with Local Networks Pakistan & UAE

The turn of the year 2021 saw much effort by both public and private sector players to re-focus, re-ignite and rebuild our countries & communities for the better.

We aimed to drive the post-COVID 19 resurgence with greater local and international alignment to support all our Members, driving their business agendas forward around the UN’s SDGs. In this regard, the UN GCNN developed a partnership with the Pakistan Local Network and the UAE Network to jointly host the monthly ‘In-Conversation Series’.

In the first panel session of the series, panelists from different sectors in all three countries discussed: Force 4 Good – How the current COVID-19 Crisis can allow Business to prove that it is a force for Good for all, in 2021.

Speakers shared vital insights into their work in ‘activating’ their organizations and Networks for Doing Good, achieving the SDGs and driving a Post Covid Re-set. The event, which was open to all Global Compact Members across our regions, provided an opportunity for all to learn, share views and thoughts on what a meaningful business landscape will look like post-COVID 19; and how purpose-driven Leaders are addressing these challenges.

The second edition, themed Driving Change with Senior Women, featured an A-list of female executives making a compelling case for greater female involvement and inclusion in both recruitment and leadership, more so to achieve the SDGs and drive a holistic Post Covid reset.

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